Charity uncovers overwhelming support for ban on sale of energy drinks for under 16’s

16 MAY 2018: We are calling for a change in the law to ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16’s in the United Kingdom after research reveals widespread public support.Read more

National Smile Month: Strong Teeth Make Strong Kids

15 MAY 2018 - Throughout National Smile Month 2018, Oral-B is on a mission to reduce the number of children with toothache and dental problems, through it's Strong Teeth Make Strong Kids campaign.Read more

Nominate A Smile: Give someone the recognition they deserve!

14 MAY 2018 - This National Smile Month competition is the perfect way to show those special people your appreciation for all the little things they do for you.Read more

Dental charity’s new website gives new opportunities to campaign for better oral health

14 MAY 2018 - The Oral Health Foundation has relaunched its website today, with the focus on giving its supporters more opportunities to be actively involved in raising awareness of important causes.Read more

In pictures: Charity launches oral health campaign National Smile Month

10 MAY 2018: The British Academy welcomed the Oral Health Foundation earlier this week by hosting the launch of this year’s National Smile Month.Read more

Charity supports calls for sugar tax funds to be invested in dental health

30 APR 2018 - The Oral Health Foundation has given their support to Irish dentists who are calling for funds raised by the sugar tax to be invested in dental health education.Read more

Looking after your oral health may help you recover after a heart attack, research shows

25 APR 2018 - New research has found that maintaining good oral health could be key to a successful recovery following a heart attack.Read more

Income, education and social isolation linked to dental anxiety in new report

19 APR 2018 - Emerging research has shown that having a fear of the dentist can have seriously damaging impacts on several aspects of your overall quality of life.Read more

Appalling childhood tooth extraction statistics illustrate need for urgent action in England

6 APR 2018 - New statistics show that a child in England has a rotten tooth removed in hospital every ten minutes. Following this, the Oral Health Foundation calls for urgent action.Read more

Launch of new sugar tax leaves ‘bitter taste’ when it comes to oral health

3 APR 2018 - This Friday sees the introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (Enforcement) Regulations 2018, otherwise known as the sugar tax, but does it go far enough in addressing dental health.Read more

NHS dental charges announced for 2018-19

1 APR 2018 - In the UK, there are three standard charges for NHS dental treatment. Here is the latest information explaining what you may have to pay for your NHS dental treatment.Read more

Non-smokers are more likely than smokers to develop mouth cancer if they show early signs

27 MAR 2018 - New research has found that non-smokers face a significantly higher risk of developing mouth cancer than smokers if they have precancerous lesions in their mouth.Read more

New water fluoridation report paves way to eliminating children’s dental health crisis

22 MAR 2018 - The Oral Health Foundation are calling on local authorities to introduce water fluoridation schemes and help address the children's oral health crisis being experienced in England.Read more

Oral health and pregnancy: six things every mum needs to know

28 FEB 2018 - To keep your body and mouth healthy during pregnancy here are the Oral Health Foundation’s top six things you need to know about your oral health and what to expect when you're expecting.Read more

Campaigners raise importance of HPV vaccinations on World Cancer Day 2018

2 FEB 2018 - Cancer campaigners are calling for greater public awareness of the diseases that can be prevented in the UK through gender-neutral human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations.Read more

The definitive guide to illegal tooth whitening

01 FEB 2018 - To improve awareness around the legalities of tooth whitening, the Oral Health Foundation has put together a definitive guide on unscrupulous tooth whitening.Read more

In their own words: Elderly people reveal what stops them visiting the dentist

29 JAN 2018 - A study involving people over 65 years of age has discovered what is really getting in the way of them making regular visits to the dentist for their appointments.Read more

Tooth brushing alone unable to protect children’s teeth from sugary snacks

17 JAN 2018 - New research has revealed that tooth brushing alone is not enough to protect children from tooth decay caused by snacking on sugary foods and drink.Read more

Urgent changes needed to combat appalling growth in child tooth extractions in England

13 JAN 2018 - The Oral Health Foundation is calling for urgent changes to help stop the sustained growth in the number of operations carried out each year to remove children's rotten teeth.Read more

Poor oral health increases risks of frailty in older men

08 JAN 2018 - Oral health problems such as gum disease and tooth loss have been linked to frailty in older British men, a new research study involving more than 1,00 men has revealed.Read more

Oral Health Foundation appoints new President

14 DEC 2017 - The UK's leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have inaugurated Professor Liz Kay MBE as their new President.Read more

Breast cancer risk up to three times higher in women with gum disease

07 DEC 2017 - A new study has found that women who suffer from gum disease are up to three times more likely to develop breast cancer.Read more

British Asian population facing ‘incredibly high’ mouth cancer risk, doctor warns

30 NOV 2017 - One of the UK's leading doctors has issued a warning to Asians that some of their high-risk lifestyle choices could lead to an increased risk of developing mouth cancer.Read more

Loved ones open up about the moment those closest to them were diagnosed with cancer

27 NOV 2017 - With a significant rise in the numbers of people being diagnosed, more of us than ever before are having a very personal experience with mouth cancer every year.Read more